Fixing Slime’s “connection broken by the peer” with Lispbuilder-sdl

Something more than a mental note.
While programming with Common Lisp using the Lispbuilder-sdl library probably you want to evaluate your programs within Emacs and Slime (as usual.)
By the way, even with the simplest SDL program on slime-eval-region (or whatever else) Slime terminate in an expected way with this message:

[…]Connection broken by the peer[…]

Googling hard, I’ve found a solution that works like a charm!
First of all, open your swank.lisp file (you can find it inside your Slime installation), then add this line:

(setf swank:*communication-style* :fd-handler)

Done! It was simple enough, wasn’t it?
Now you can evaluate your lisp game within Emacs!


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