New personal site

After years thinking about it, finally I’ve done it: I’ve registered a custom domain (a simple URL redirect) and I’ve create an app on the popular cloud hosting site Heroku: it uses the new Clojure support feature and the new (and cool) Clojure mini MVC Framework Noir.

The site is a bit slow the first time you visit it, because the app is pushed out of cache after a period of inactivity, but man, it’s free!
I really like the site layout (and Jquery is too cool). What do you think about it? Let me know! Ah, here is the url, visit it!

4 thoughts on “New personal site

  1. Heroku looks like a free bait for a very expensive cloud setup in the future 🙂

    It’s nice that it’s free for a simple setup, but loading time (>5s the first time) does not let it feel professional IMHO.

    The alternative starts from ~$12 for a Rackspace VPS. As long as you don’t mind to setup the system and java by yourself.

  2. Hi Sergey,
    the long load time can be cutted off simply if you are not the first to visit the site after it has been pushed into the cache (The cache is not your local one). Alternatively I’ve read somewhere that you can buy another dynos to speed the things up. Since I’m not working yet (I’m a student), I’m satisfied with the free setup, in the future I’ll search for a more performant solution. Heroku is as cool as expensive, you’re right, but the deploy workflow (git-based) it’s very, very simple. So simple that you can have your site up and running in less two days 🙂



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