Programming & Deployment workflow with XCode and Qt 4.7

This is just a mental note.

If you want to develop Qt Applications using XCode, this is the quickest way to achieve it:

  1. Create a new project with QtCreator
  2. Inside your new project folder create an XCode project scaffolder with:
    qmake -spec macx-xcode *project-name*.pro

    (change project-name accordingly).

  3. Open the .xcodeproj with XCode 3, or XCode 4 will crash
  4. Once opened, build it (is not important the build result, it may even fail)
  5. Open the project with XCode 4: Since you opened with XCode 3 before, now is compatible with Xcode 4 as well
  6. Code, Compile, Build as usually
  7. If you have to change the *.pro file, modify it within QtCreator, the repeat passages 2 – 6.

Now the best way to code, but it works.