First clj3D screencast is out!

I apologies just now because the video is stretched and it ends at 7:20 and music at 10:42, but the first clj3D screencast is out!
The commands are very basic but they are just enough to show you easy is showing something on the screen.

I hope you will enjoy the video! And remember to grab your copy of clj3D here!

clj3D screencast

2 thoughts on “First clj3D screencast is out!

    • Hi!
      The library will be available asap (i was trying to upload it 2 hours ago but unexpectedly Clojars gave me an error). You should consider two thing, btw:

      1) The library is in alpha stage, so I apologies if it lacks of features or if you will find some bugs
      2) Github will be the place to stay in order to receive alway the last cutting-edge version. I will push the library on Clojars much less often.

      Stay tuned!


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